Never the same toy twice! Block-N-Roll™ has hundreds of building options to create plenty of marble maze action by dropping, tunneling, ramps, cross-overs, and turns…


Block-N-Roll™* is an award winning educational toy (Parents’ Guide for Children’s Media, Dr. Toy Best Vacation Children’s Products Award, and the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Award) construction block system that’s fun and educational for kids. Block-N-Roll™ is the only plastic marble maze block that is compatible with all leading blocks, including LEGO/DUPLO BRAND BLOCKS and Mega Blok construction.

Build spectacular marble mazes and watch your marbles roar through ramps, tunnels and drop-thrus!!! Please drop-in to our newly designed site. Block-N-Roll™ is patented in the US with patent number 5,344,143. Other US patents are pending. Block-N-Roll™ is internationally patented, with other international patents pending.

How To Make A Marble Maze?

Welcome to the world of building marble mazes! This section of our web site is dedicated to helping you build a marble maze with your new Block-N-Roll block construction system. Their is nothing more exciting then having all of your building blocks out in a giant pile and ready to create the next great maze, but where do you start?

We are here to help you get started and provide some basic guidelines on how Block-N-Roll pieces fit together and how to build a marble maze. We also recommend that you view information on the build block pieces by click here and by looking at our marble maze designs gallery here.



Connecting The Pieces

The first thing you need to know is how your Block-N-Roll pieces connect to each other. All of our building blocks feature a groove on two sides to enable the parts to slide together, securely connecting the parts. See the photo on the left side.

This action will allow you to connect all of the Block-N-Roll pieces together, from slides and straights to support columns.

Stacking Blocks

The next item is how to connect the blocks to add height or to support parts of the maze. You can connect the building blocks by putting one block on top of another and gently pressing them together. The dimples on the top will lock to the underside of the other block as seen in the photo on the right.


Starting & Stopping Your Marbles

One of the first steps you need to do to build a maze is to control the starting and stopping of your marbles, otherwise they will go all over the place.

The photo on the left shows how the starter/stopping block is used to hold the marble at the beginning of the structure and the bottom photo show how the same block is used to stop at the end of the maze.

Creating A Ramp

Marble mazes work on the principle of gravity, a force that makes objects, like marbles fall to the ground. You will need to create ramps that allow gravity to power your marble through your maze.

See the photo on the right, The ramp starts the marble higher then when it ends, thus creating a “Downward Angle” This makes the marble roll in the direction of the arrow. The more ramps you add to your maze the faster the marble will roll.


Making Your Marble Roll Straight

Now that you can make your marble roll, you can use “Straights” to make the marble roll horizontally from the power you created from a ramp. This allows you to extent the path of the marble in a straight path and make the marble travel farther parallel to the ground.

Making Your Maze Turn

After creating ramps and straights, you will need to make your marble be able to turn left, right, or completely in the opposite direction. This will allow you to create a more interesting maze and to work in a smaller space.

Simply attach a 90 degree turn block to a ramp or straight and the channel will change the direction of the marble. Be careful, too much speed may make the marble jump up and out of the groove. By attaching two 90 degree turn blocks you create a 180 degree turn or a turn that makes the marble travel in the opposite direction.


Build a Marble Maze

Now put everything together from the instructions above and you can build a marble maze like the one pictured at left. Don’t be afraid to try new designs or to start with a simple design and add to it. The best part about building a marble maze with Block-N-Roll is that you can create and build hundreds of mazes and never having the same one twice.

Good Luck ! and Have Fun!

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