About Block-N-Roll

Block-N-Roll – US Toy Manufacturer & Marble Maze History

The original Block-N-Roll™ marble maze construction toy was created in Silver Lake, New Hampshire in 1995 by five young brothers, Adrien, Aaron, Damien, Daniel, and Curtis Yule. They took used Brio’ straight track sections to create a long ramp. One end was elevated on their sofa, and the other end ramped down to the floor. They used LEGO®, DUPLO®, wooden blocks and anything else they could find to support the track sections. They then raced marbles down the grooves in the tracks.

Intrigued with his sons’ creations, their father created various marble maze prototypes. He used wood, Styrofoam™, plastic and whatever else was at hand. From these beginnings Block-N-Roll™ evolved into the action packed construction block system you have today.

Due to the efforts and enthusiasm of many people and companies, Block-N-Roll™ is now sold around the world.

The name Block-N-Roll™ was created when Mr. Yule was listening to the radio one day. The disc jockey came on the air and claimed that ‘this is going to be a great day for rock-n-roll’. Mr. Yule rhymed rock with block and the name Block-N-Roll™ was born. Block-N-Roll™ can be pronounced in any language around the world, and has immediate product association with the worlds best marble maze construction block system!

In 2008 Block-N-Roll was purchased and the toy manufacturing facilities were moved to Franklin, PA. Not only have the marble maze toys been continued to be manufactured but have increased production due to growing demand. Block-N-Roll have also added more store locations across the United States to make buying our marble maze toys easy.