Block-N-Roll Educational Building Block Toys

Educational Building Block

There are literally tens of thousands of education toys on the market today, everything ranging from computer and video educational games to flash cards. But it is important to understand just what an educational toy can do for your child or student, and just how the educational component can help a child.

While the computer and video games have become fashionable there still exists a need for a toy that can offer the opportunity to open the creative mind and allow a child to discover learning through a fun activity.

This is where Block-N-Roll becomes an important educational toy. Our marble maze and building block toys encourage children to use their own creative mind to create marble mazes.

A toy is only educational if a child uses it frequently, our marble maze toys let a child discover the many designs they can create meaning they don’t get bored or run out of possibilities. Block-N-Roll also teaches children important lessons in assembling building blocks and overcoming such challenges as gravity or how to make a marble roll faster and even compete with friends. They also learn about how pieces like a puzzle come together to form a usable toy. Just like the erector sets and building blocks of yesterday, the Block-N-Roll construction system provides hours of entertainment and unleashes the creative mind to create and learn what works and what doesn’t work.

Our educational toys are used by many educators to teach lessons about gravity, physics, and solving problems. Over the years we have had many teachers relate how Block-N-Roll became a fun educational exercise for their students. We also offer educational toy packages and programs on our site

Block-N-Roll is proud to have received many educational toy awards from leading educators and associations. We have listed just a few that we have received over the past ten years below.

Educational Build Block Toy Awards

  • Toy of the Year – “Family Fun Magazine – November 2000”
  • Dr. Toy Best 100 Toys
  • Dr. Toy Best Vacation Children’s Product
  • Oppenheim Gold Seal Award
  • Parent’s Guide Childrens Media Award
  • Quebec Toy Council – Highest Award
  • Canadian Toy Testing Council
  • 2000 Parent’s Choice Approved Winner
  • Great American Toy Test – “The best of Construction Blocks – Playthings Magazine”
  • Consumer Reports – Construction Toy Rated 4th – December 2000