Block-N-Roll Marble Maze Toy

Block-N-Roll™ is two toys in one, on the one hand, its a marble maze toy that you can build different marble mazes again and again and never have the same maze twice. On the other hand Block-N-Roll is a building block construction set that you can use to build buildings and towers or combine them both to build structures and marble mazes.

The Super Course

As a marble maze toy, you will use your imagination to design and build elaborate marble mazes to show your parents and friends. You can challenge your friends to building two marble mazes and see which one is faster or how high you can build your maze.

Unlike many toys, this is powered by your imagination to build and play marble mazes over and over again. While we offer designs and examples to look at, the best mazes are the ones you build on your own or with a friend.

There is nothing more enjoyable than building something from your own ideas and imagination. You’ll learn how to create angles for speed and how to turn a marble around in the other direction. Block-N-Roll also teaches you how to use building blocks and turn them into a marble maze toy for years to come.

Best of all, you’ll always have a new toy to play with because our marble maze toy is only limited to your imagination.